Laguna Garzón – Conservation and Development

Vida Silvestre has been responsible for the conservation and promotion of sustainable development of the Laguna Garzón and its area of influence since 2007. Vida Silvestre, with the support of the Greengrants foundation, carried out the ¨Analysis of the Situation in the Laguna de Garzon Protected Area¨ this, same year and created 2 baseline documents as well as the proposal to classify this lagoon as a protected area.

The area has landscape and biodiversity value like no other coastal zone in the country, with flooded forests, scrubland, lagoons, fresh water wetlands, marine coasts and the Laguna Garzon itself. This is one of the few places in Uruguay we can still enjoy natural coastal nature, but it is being threatened by traditional tourism expansion.

VIDA SILVESTRE has analyzed possible future scenarios with and without a bridge and Protected Areas. We have also carried out an analysis of the flora and fauna and ecosystems, delimitation and zoning including a Marine Reserve and made a proposal to DINAMA to have the Laguna included in the National Protected Areas system.

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