Laguna Negra

Nature hikes

Nature tourism is a growing industry both in quantity and quality, in our country and abroad. Uruguay is home to many amazing places for ecotourism activities, and visiting them is part of our work at VIDA SILVESTRE.

For us, the nature hikes are an educational tool and a way to reach our conservation goals.

The nature hikes strive to:

•promote a better understanding of our country through increased contact with nature.

• explore the rugged sites of Uruguay, in order to get to know our natural and socio-cultural heritage and contribute to its conservation

• offer new and exciting experiences to our participants.

We believe that the more that people participate in our hikes, the more they will learn to value nature and become active advocates for its conservation

Laguna Negra
The Colonia Don Bosco is located in the department of Rocha, east of the Laguna Negra. Here we find one of the richest ecosystems of the country with a wide variety of flora and fauna. In the highlands, we find some of the most important indigenous forests which are home to trees from the fig family and display exuberant vegetation. There is also a wetland area which is used as a nesting and resting area by various indigenous bird species.

Just to the north of the Lagoon we find the Potrerillo de Sta. Teresa biological station, which is part of the protected area bearing its name. This is an excellent area for viewing flora and fauna. This protected area is home to four different eco systems; a wetland area, indigenous forest, meadow, and sandy coast. In addition to many other important species of plants and animals, the area is home to more then 120 species of birds.

The hike takes us up the mountain and back down to the river, crossing the ¨Bosque de Higuerone¨ or fig forest.  We will cross several small creeks and enjoy long walks across wetlands and dense vegetation well as beaches unique to our country. This hike is ideal for identifying flora and fauna, especially mammals such as the capybara and Brocket deer.

This is a 3-day trip

:. Additional Points

All schedules are subject to change.

Included: Transfer (return trip bus and local transportation at the end of the hike. Food (from breakfast on the first day until lunch on the last day)

Safety: A guide with Red Cross First Aid training  will accompany all excursions
Bring: Backpack and sleeping bag

Level of Difficulty: All hikes have an intermediate level of difficulty. Extreme fitness is not necessary but participants should be accustomed to moderate physical activity such as carrying a 10kg Backpack.
Basic Requirements: Complete a physical fitness form, be at least 18 years old. Depending on the specific hike the requirements may vary and the organization reserves the right to limit participation in the case that certain individuals could pose a risk to the safety of the group.
Important Note: Before each hike there will be an information meeting and presentation where we will explain the details of the excursion, difficulties we may encounter, go over what participants should, review bring conducts of behavior, get to know the guides etc.

Observations: Hikes are designed for groups of 8 to 10 people. The dates for each hike may be changed if a sufficiently large group of people is formed for an alternative date.

In case you are interested in alternative destinations or visits of longer duration please speak directly with the organization.

The fee for each hike is paid in advance; in case of non-attendance you will be reimbursed 50%.

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  • hola gente espero que sigan funcionando,pronto voy a andar por uruguay de vuelta y me gustaria filmar y sacar algunas fotos para mostrar a mis amigos canadienses.mi idea es acampar a la noche donde la actividad animal es usualmente mas activa.escriban me.

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