Knowing Vida Silvestre

What is Vida silvestre?

VIDA SILVESTRE  is a Uruguayan, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, which has been working in endangered species and ecosystem protection and natural resource conservation since 1995.
For VIDA SILVESTRE the people of Uruguay are at the centre of all environmental conservation activities since defending our natural resources will increase our quality of life today and in the future.

Our mission

To conserve Uruguayan nature, while developing and promoting participative scientific research, sharing information, influencing public opinion, protecting ecosystems and species and, creating and managing protected wilderness areas through innovate strategies, contributing to biological diversity conservation.

Our objectives

Our objectives are to:

• contribute to the development of protected areas

• Conserve species, animals and, plants in danger of extinction.
• Conduct conservation biology research.
• Share our topics and themes with people from different fields and at all levels.
• Encourage the training of environmental technicians in Uruguay.
• Promote contact with nature as a way to get to know our country.
• Operationalize existing biodiversity and natural resource information.


The institution was formally created on January 1st 1995. Six months later we received our legal status as a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization. The founding assembly decided to adopt a structure on which the Directive Commission (Comisión Directiva), the institutional body, delegates the operative aspects and day to day workings of the organization to an Executive Council. The team is organized into programs and work is accomplished thanks to the dedication of the executive team and the numerous volunteers.

VIDA SILVESTRE is made up of a group of young researchers from different disciplines and takes its orientation from a Directive Board made up of professionals with vast knowledge and experience in research and investigation.

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